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HexPly® Prepregs for Aerospace

The aerospace industry is the greatest consumer of Hexcel prepregs, for civil aircraft, military jets, helicopters, aero-engines or space satellite and launchers. Hexcel’s range of resin formulations for aerospace prepregs includes a wide range of epoxies for highly loaded parts and supreme toughness; BMI systems for high temperature performance; phenolics for fire, smoke and toxicity performance in aircraft interiors; and cyanate esters for space structures and satellite applications. HexPly® prepregs are available with HexForce® woven and multiaxial reinforcements, or as unidirectional tapes in various forms. 

Hexcel was awarded the contract to supply prepreg for all primary structures on the Airbus A350 XWB, including the fuselage.

New HexPly® M91
HexPly® M91 is a new toughened epoxy prepreg offering superior performance for primary aircraft structures and engines. This new prepreg even outperforms Hexcel’s industry leading HexPly® M21 prepreg, widely used to manufacture aerospace structures and with which it is fully compatible. Read More

HexPly® Prepregs for Industrial Applications

Hexcel provides a range of prepregs under the HexPly® trademark for industrial applications, using specially formulated epoxy resin matrix systems. HexPly® prepregs are reinforced with woven, multiaxial and unidirectional (UD) carbon and glass fibers.

HexPly® prepregs are used in a wide range of industrial markets and tailored to meet the specific performance requirements – whether they are low temperature cure and low exotherm (HexPly® M79) and industry standards for Marine and Wind applications; Very fast cure and excellent adhesion (HexPly® M78); flexible cure, high structural performances and ultra-high TG (HexPly® M81); HexPly® M49 is the best option for structural performance with good visual appeal; ultra-high TG, fast cure and high corrosion resistance (HexPly® M901).

The HexPly® Industrial product range continues to evolve, with surface films, systems with very short cure cycles and higher temperature performance resins being introduced. All industrial markets can benefit from Hexcel’s high performance lightweight composite materials, from traditional markets such as sports equipment to new applications such as industrial machinery and alternative energy.

HexPly® M77 is a fast-curing epoxy prepreg that enables automotive components and sports goods to be press-cured in 2 minutes at 150° C. Read more

New HexPly® XF Surface Technology
With HexPly® XF surface technology, Hexcel has developed a comprehensive range of composite materials for the in-mold manufacture of composite components requiring high quality surfaces. Established solutions using HexPly® XF surface technology are qualified for different industrial applications such as wind turbine rotor blades, yacht components and automotive class A exterior parts.

HexPly® XF is suitable for prepreg and infusion processes – autoclave and OoA / vacuum bag cure and available as prepreg, semipreg and resin film with different reinforcement and epoxy resin configurations.

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