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ARC Technologies blends thermoplastics with fillers to create the solution to your problem. ARC Technologies can manufacture thermoplastics to be used in a cast, molded, extruded, or pellet form. In the binder ARC Technologies can compound different fillers, typically: carbon, ferrite or iron particles to achieve the desired absorption or conductivity to solve the problem.

By combining a binder that is in the form which meets the product requirements and with the fillers that also meet the electrical and magnetic properties, a complete solution can be met.

Why Thermoplastics Are Effective
The thermoplastic solution is very effective in solving the key issues of the problem. Parts can be molded to snap over the IC’s, or extruded to wrap and cover a product or cable, or sold as pellets so the end customer can mold/extrude their own product. The use of fillers allows ARC Technologies to tune the end product for narrow or broadband applications.

When To Use:
This product line is very flexible and versatile. ARC Technologies can mold components for you, or extrude sheet and apply PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) to it, or supply it in pellet form to your molder.

Extrusion, Tapes & Seals Extrusion, Tapes & Seals:

  • ARC’s materials can be extruded into complex geometries or continuous sheet goods
  • We have the capability to extrude multilayer material
  • These extruded parts can be thermoformed into complex 3D solutions

Injection MoldingInjection Molding:

  • Lower cost materials for energy management
  • Engineered materials for the toughest environments
  • Conformal shapes to reduce labor costs
  • Single piece cavity solutions for reduced handwork
  • Preformed antenna loads to every specification
Product Overview
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Typical Fillers
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Custom Filler Treatments
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