At Hexcel, we embrace the challenge to develop sustainable innovations that help protect our planet today and well in to the future. Hexcel advanced composite materials play an essential role in enabling our customers to achieve their goals to optimize fuel consumption, lower emissions, reduce noise and help sustain the planet for generations to come. Each new generation of commercial aircraft has used increasing quantities of advanced composites to replace metals and reduce weight for more fuel-efficient aircraft with lower CO2 emissions.

Composite Lightweighting Value Proposition

  • Stronger and lighter than metals
  • Superior lifecycle costs to metals
  • Reduces fuel use and emissions for transportation applications
  • Enables leading-edge product design

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The primary building blocks for carbon fiber composite materials begin with lightweight Hexcel HexTow® carbon fiber which is the preferred carbon fiber for the world's most advanced aerospace and industrial applications.


Hexcel manufactures the most complete line of reinforcements for aerospace and industrial markets and offers a range of globally certified aerospace products in carbon, glass and aramid and specialty fibers.


Hexcel is the world leader in honeycomb manufacturing for the commercial aerospace market. Hexcel honeycomb provides exceptional stiffness yet is extremely lightweight, supporting our customers' goals to improve fuel effiency and reduce emissions.


Hexcel provides a range of resins and resin-impregnated reinforcements for aerospace and industrial applications that provide high strength, toughness and structural performance without adding significant weight.